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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
it's tuesday 11:23 PM

And there are only three more days of school left!


12:38 AM

Oh and another thing I need is a new blog layout.
That's what I'll be searching for over the holidays ;D

copy cat 12:37 AM

I was reading Lang's blog and got tempted to post again. Ahhaha and Im going to copy the countdown if you don't mind.
I have so much due this week and its crazy because I just don't care because the holidays are here in just four more days! So here's what I've got to finish before my holiday begins: English Essay (haven't even started my outline!), Biology Test (tomorrow 5th period). I really need to do well in biology, Chemistry lab questions, which I completely don't understand!, French presentation (which Lang was so pro at and now I got to live up to how well she wrote her poem), I don't even know how to rhyme properly in English D:
Careers Assignment, which is just STUPID. There, I finally said it. I HATE careers, even though its bringing up my average; i just HATEEEE it.

Gotta go back to studying for bio. Wish me luck pls because I definately need it,


Saturday, December 12, 2009
It's been a while 8:43 PM

I just happened to stumble upon by blog when I realized it been months! School's over in about a week, then there's two full weeks to relax. Im going boarding and babysitting and am going to watch a ton of tv, because that's what the break is for!
Oh and I better get cracking on the American History AP or Im going to fail no doubt.

After this week, Ill post more. I have so much due on the last week of school that I shouldnt waste time, but I just needed to repost, because my blog looked quite bare!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009
old habits die hard 11:05 PM

And so it turns out that I was right. I haven't kept up with my blogging. I try.
Handwritten journals are just so much easier sometimes. And you don't even need to worry about what you write or about how you write it or whether anyone will see it (other than the people raiding through your stuff). I'm trying that out right now, but Im still here. I won't comepletely ditch.


Monday, November 2, 2009
SO MUCH 11:19 PM

There's so much to do this week it's crazy. I have no idea where to begin. Just can't wait for this week to end!

Post Secret 3:49 PM

A friend of mine checked out, "PostSeceret" from the school library today. These are stories of people all over the world. The fact is that although it is good to raise awareness, why are we saddening our lives? Sometimes I like to read Post Secret because it's life and it's good to know, but after a while, they do tend to get depressing.

My chemistry assignment turned out okay. Not as great as I wanted, but okay. I ended up doing it on Ellen Swallow Richards which was perfect because she has contributed so much to ecology and our assignment was about sustainability.

Today's going to be a long week, but luckily there's no school on Friday, so there's that to look forward to. But then I also have my Duke of Edingburgh overnight trip this weekend, so I'm going to be freezing in the dead of night, in the super think tents.

Tonight I have SMS and a ton of American History homework, so you won't be hearing from me again today.


Sunday, November 1, 2009
Chemistry 4:59 PM

I know I said, that I'd blog monthly, but I've decided to now blog whenever I feel there is a need to do so. And currently there is. Tomorrow, I have a chemistry assignment due. And I still don't know what to do for my topic. Initially, I was thinking of doing it on "Mendeleev", but decided against it because it is the easiest and most probable. So I currently have two choices: Ellen Swallow Richards, who was one of the first educated women at MIT and who was an environmental chemist. Her occupation is perfect for the assignment, but there isn't much information about her online. Then, there is the information which I retreived from "Toxic Environmental Compounds". It's a book I found on google Books and would work perfect for the assignment, except for the fact that I fully understand it, which means it might be too simple.
I have about 20 minutes to decide, because then I should start working on it.
Hmmmmm...... I'll have to make my decision soon.

Persistance 3:08 PM

I've decided to blog again. I know my first attempt was not very succesful, but hopefully this time I'll manage my life and blog more properly. I obviously won't be updating as often as I used to because, well look how that turned out. I managed to keep it up for a couple of months, then just disappeared. That won't happen again, because I won't let it.
Anyways, my life hasn't changed much since I last left, but I do feel as though I have become a different person. I'm still a heavy television addict, but there's more in my life now. One of my greatest passions is running. It makes me feel so good! I was never an athletic person. My parents registered me in a ton of sports, starting from swimming to baseball, and skating to tennis. My dad even hired a private coach to teach me soccer, but I was just never interested. But about two months ago, I decided I would try something new, something I'd never tried before. I sigend up with the Running Room. And so in September I started going out about twice a week and ran with the "5KM Clinic". And it was great. You have no idea! I've only missed one run so far and that was because I fell sick.
Now, I run about four times a week, for a full five kilometers each day. I've also found someone at school who's been willing to run with me and motivate me to continue. And our goal is to run the half marathon in Texas, in April. Whether, we'll make it that far, I have no idea. But it is my goal, to eventually run a full marathon, within the next three years. And at the rate Im going at right now, I believe it is possible.
Wish me luck.
And hopefully I'll be back to post again.